Thomas Manning

Norwich, England, St. Stephen Parish

13 May 1616 John Manninge and Easter Andrewes Licence, marriage

2 October 1627 Phillipp son of Mr. John Mannynge, baptism

Norwich, England, St. Peter Mancroft Parish

4 October 1619 Elizabeth daughter of John Manninge, Scrivener, and Hester his wife, baptism

Norwich, England, Saint Andrew Parish

1622 John the son of John Manning baptised August 21

1624 Thomas the son of John Manning baptised February 14

1630 Nathaniell the son of John Manning baptised November 17

1649 John Manning ye sonne of Ester Manning buried April 18

20 April 1657 Esther Manninge Widdowe, burial

In the name of God: Amen:/ The two and twentieth day of Aprill in the yeare of our/ Lord God One thousand six hundred fifty and six I/ Hester Manning of the Citty of Norwich widdow … Item I dow give and bequeath unto Richard/ Manning my sonne my best diamond ring which was my/ mothers Mris Katherine Andrews deceased and six of my/ best plain pockett handkerchiefs to be delivered unto him/ by my executors mediately after my decease and also I/ do give and bequeath unto the said Richard Manning / my sonne the sum of threescore pounds of good & lawfull/ money of England to be paid unto him by my executors in manner/ and form following (that is to saie) thirty pounds therof within/ one yeare after my decease and the other thirty pounds therof/ within the other year then next following or otherwise that said/ legacie of threescore pounds do be sent unto him at the tyme / aforesaid in full value of such goods wares or commiditues as/ he by his letter under his hand shall write for unto my said/ executors and desire to have in him thereof with his discharge in/ writinge under his hand and seale of and for the same … I doe give unto my sonne Thomas Manning one of my Jemm/ Gold ringes which was my mother Andrews deceased, and/ six of my pockett handkerchiefs and I give unto my daughter/ in law his wife my other Jemm gold ring to be delivered or/ carefully sent unto them by my executors mediately or as/ soon as may be after my decease … I doe/ give and bequeath unto Nathaniell Manning my grandchild/ sonne of Robert Manning my sonne … Also I doe give & bequeath/ unto John Manning my grandchild sonn of Thomas Manning/ my sonn the sum of five pounds of like money to be paid/ unto him at his age of fifteen years by by executors if he/ shall dye before that age then the same shall be paid to his brothers and sisters of his whole blood my grandchildren if any there be/ by equall parts and pourcons as they shall severall attaine to their age of fifteen years … The residue of all my foods and chattles househole stuffs/ wares money delite and personal estate whatsoever not other/ wise herein given or bequeathed I doe give and bequeath them/ all unto the said Phillip Manninge my sonne and Elizabeth/ Manninge my daughter my said executors …

Ref: Public Record Office, Prob/11/275


Thomas Manning, Adm. Sizar (age 15) at Peterhouse, June 26, 1640. Of Norwich. Matric. 1640. Migrated to Corpus Christi. B.A. 1643-4

Ref: Alumni Cantabrigienses (Cambridge University admissions)

Thomas Manning, 150 ac. Warwick Co., 1 April, 1651. to Waters Creek, to land of Mr. Thomas Davis

Ref: Nugent, v.1, p. 209.

Know all men by this presents that I Elizabeth Lloyd of Elizabeth River admx of Lt. Coll. Cornelius Lloyd for and in consideration of two thousand seven hundred pounds of tob: & cask have have granted bargained and sold and by this presents doe fully grant bargayne and sell unto Thomas Mannyng his heires and assignes for ever one sorrell mare of about five or six yeares olde with a mare foale about six or seven months old with a starre in her forehead the same quietly to enjoy without lett or molestation . Witness my hand this fifteenth of October 1655

Test: Rich Whitinge Elizabeth Lloyd

Wm. Turney

Ref: Lower Norfolk County book C, p. 169

This bill bindeth me Thomas Mannyng of Nansemun Merchant my heires and assignes to be paid or cause to be paid unto Elizabeth Lloyd of Elizabeth River her heires or assignes the sume of four thousand eight hundred pounds of good merchantable tob. and cask to be paid as followeth hand this fifteenth of October one thousand six hundred fifty five

Test: Rich Whitinge Tho: Mannyng

Wm. Turney

Ref: Lower Norfolk County book C, p.169

General Court Virginia, June 8, 1657. Thos. Manning appointed sheriff of Nansemond.

Ref: McIlwaine,"Minutes of Council...," p. 505.

Maryland, 1658

Thomas Manning took oath of fidelity and demanded land for transporting of :

Henry Alexander Thomas Manning Hannah Meers

Willm MacDowell Grace Manning Francis Bennett

Mary Broder John Manning Sarah Featly

James Elton Thomas Manning P: S: Franks

Ref: Maryland Patents, liber Q, f. 317

Provincial Court Proceedings, 1659. Thomas Manning Recordeth these Cattle for his sonne John Manning, being gyuen him the sd John, by his Vncle Richard Manning (Viz) One Browne Cow called Star-buck, One yeareling heifer, & one Steare Calfe, marked, The Left eare Cropt, & a slitt in the Crop, The Right eare ouerhald.

Ref: Archives of Maryland, v. 41, p. 323

Caecilius absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryland and Avalon Lord Barren of Baltemore &c To our trusty and welbeloved Thomas Manning Gent. Vpon the speciall Confidence and truste wee repose in yow Wee doe hereby Constitute ordayne and appoynte yow to be our Attorney Generall all persons in all Causes as well Criminall as Civill to sue poursue prosecute and Implead and in our name all Suites against vs Comenced to answere as fully and amply as any Attorney Generall may doe Given at St Marys vnder the lesser Seale of this our Province of Maryland this twentyth Day of February 1660 Wittness our Deare brother Philip Calvert Esqr our Leiuetennant of our said Province of Maryland.

Ref: Maryland Archives, v.3, Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1636-1667, p. 403

To all prsons to whom these prnts shall come, Know yee tht Philip Caluert Esq Chancelor of Maryland att what time I was Secretary of the Prouince had into my possesn and Custody delinered a Certaine ryting in paper purporting a Bargaine & Sale of a Certaine Tract of Land Lying uppon the Ciiffts in Caluert County from Thomas Marsh late of Elizabeth Riuer in Virginia, unto Thomas Manning of Nansemund, wch sd wryting was by Thomas Manning to mee deliuered & to the intent tht the sd Thomas Manning a Pattent for the Land by tht wryting intended to bee conueyed might obtaine by Sarah Marsh the Relict of the sd Thomas Marsh acknowledged to bee the Act & Deed of the aforesd Thomas Marsh, And to the best of my remembrance declared her willingnes tht the Thomas Manning a Pattent for the sd Land should then haue & obtaine. Whereuppon I then according to my Duty & office a Pattent for the sd Land did then wthin short time draw, & to the date of tht Pattent ref erre the certainty of the time when these things were transacted. Gyuen under my hand this first day of ffebruany 1663

Philip Caluert Seale

Ref: Maryland Archinves, v. 49, Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1663-1666, p. 126

Land tract "Norwich" entry appears on rent rolls. "Surv'd. 17th July 1664 for Thomas Manning & John Ingram on the south side of the western branch of Tredeven Creek. I can find none that will pay rent for this land."

Ref: Provincial Land Office, Rent Roll, Talbot County, 1658-1775,Liber 11, folio 28.

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Manning of the Clifts in Calvert county being weak in Body but of perfect memory do make this my last will and testament viz Imprimis I committ and give my soul to God that gave itt me in assured hope of eternall life through the only merit of my only saviour Jesus Christ and my body to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my loving wife Grace Manning my executrix of this my last will and testament. Item my will is that my said executrix do pay all my just debts. Item I do give unto my sonns Thomas Manning and Nathaniell Manning and their heirs for ever all that eight hundred acres of land at Many called Mannings Resolucon to be divided into equall porcons between them. Item I do give my eldest son John Manning that parcell of land according to patent being part of the Theabush, commonly called Eltons plantation now to have the profits of itt and to be in his own custody to him and his heirs for ever when he comes to the age of one and twenty years. Item I give to my eldest son John Manning and his heirs forever three hundred acres of land in the woods called the Dear.

Item I do give unto my loving wife and executrix Grace Manning the rest of that plantacon called the Theabush with all orchards housing and other profits during her life and after her decease to my son John Manning & his heirs forever. Item those cattle that goe by the name of the childrens cattle with their increase be their own cattell as likewise the mares and horses. Item I give unto my eldest son John Manning a mare called Baal with her increase forever. In witness whereof I sett my hand and seal this ninth day of October 1666

Witness Tho: Manning

Christopher Rousby

And: Cooke

Proved 8 March 1670/1.

Ref: Maryland Wills, v. 1, p. 420