Manning Of Lower Norfolk

Lower Norfolk Court, 16 June 1645. The court doth order that Thomas White and John Manning shall paye unto Arthur browne, merchant 554 lb tob due per bill by the 10 Oct next with 1 years forbearance of the said debt with court charges otherwyse execucon.

Ref: Walter, Lower Norfolk County, p. 172.

John Mannning, 200 acres, Lower Norfolk Co., 25 Oct. 1648. Upon the northward side of Gaythers Creek, being a branch of the Southward branch of Elizabeth River, running onto land of Marmaduke Merrington.

Ref: Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers, v. 1, p. 180.

Thomas White the elder aged fifty eight or thereabouts saith/ that being at my house John Manning his wife came over with him to my house/ for to tax Walter Costing my sonne Tho: concerning some gross aspertions/ wch he said he heard that my sonne Walter Costing should declare upon/ his wife concerning James Danby, he said ye he heard that they declared it/ to Ann Godby I hearing at ye same time, Ann Godby was at Francis/ Fleetwoods, went with my sonne Walter Costing Jno Manning his wife/ to Fran: Fleetwoods to cleare my son and Walter Costing of what John/ Manning had taxt them with, then Ann Godby cleared my sonne Walter/ Costin and this was ye words following wch I heard Jno Manning declare ye/ he heard my sonne Walter Costin say should say of his wife his ye coming/ home to his house he asked his children where their mother was/ who answered him she was gone to ye garden by ye tob house to gather/ hearbs to make a poultice for Besse Mr Davis maid hers burst, he going/ to ye tob house he found James Danby strugling with his wife there had/ one hand under her, with ye other hand kept James Danby from hers and/ wch ye John Manning down on his knees said for any things ye he knew/ there was how if a woman as any was in Virginia for he saw none/ hurt by him Jenny Wilkinson and Ann Godby Francis Fleetwood wife/ was in the house at ye same time.

Sworn unto in court 15th July 1657 the mark of

Thomas TW White

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book D, unnumbered

Lower Norfolk Court, 6 April 1660. The banns of Matrimony are sett up at y court door between Jno. Manning Lidia Richardson both of the parish of Elizabeth River.

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, p. 253.

To all Xryian people to whom this present writing shall come John Manning sendeth greeting in our Lord God Everlasting know ye that I the said John Manning of the country aforesaid in the county of Lower Norfolk my heires executo adm and assignes for divers good cause unto me paid before the sealing and delivery hereof by John Norgrane have given granted unto the said John Norgrane of the Island of Barbadoes his heires, executo and adm and assignes forever all my tract or devidend of land containing five hundred acres or thereabouts lying and being the county aforesaid wch said land butts and borders on the north side of Gaithers Creek in the Southern Branch of Elizabeth River in the country aforesaid and so extending itself to the tract or divend of land belonging to Marmaduke Marrington and Nicholas Robinson to have and to hold the said tract of of land as aforesaid being five hundred acres of thereabouts with all houses orchards profits advantages as fishng fouling hunting or any other advantage whatsoever standing lying or growing on the said land or any of . And further do sell for to the said Norgrane four milk cowes with the aforesaid land belong to the same the names of the said cowes are here under writen I the said John Manning my heires ex adm and assignes with Lydia my wife forever In witness where we hereunto set out hands and fixt our seals fifth day of March 1661

signed sealed        John IM Manning

delivered in the presence         Lydia LM Manning

of us Tho Whyt

Wm Etheridge

Nicholas Robinson

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, p. 39.

To all Xryian people to whom this present writing xhall come I John Manning of the Southern Branch of Elizabeth River send greeting Know you that I the sd. John Manning as well for the naturall love and affection I have and doe bear to Mary Hodges my grand child being the daughter of my daughter Mary Hodges and Roger Hodges her husband as unto her heyres and for divers other goood causes and considerations hereunto especially meaning have given and granted and by these presents doe give and grant and confirm unto the sd Mary Hodges my granddaughter and unto her heires executores adminstratores and assigne forever all that part or parcel of land lying in a Ridge ajoyning to the Swamp by estimation twenty acres be the same more or less lying and being in Julians Creek in Eliz. River and part of 300 acres which I the sd. John Manning formerly bought of one Thomas Whyte and whch said twenty acres of land is lately seated and a house built on the same by the said Roger Hodges father of the sd Mary together with free liberty for the sd Mary Hodges her heirs In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand seal this 2nd day of April in the 20 year of the Reign of our sovereign Lord Charles Anno Dom 1669

Signed sealed and devivered in presence of       John MI Manning

William Cole

Thomas Nash

Richard Taylor

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, p. 47.

Lower Norfolk Court, July, 1669. Ordered that Nicholas Robinson and Marmaduke Marrington apraise the estate of Jno. Manning decd. att any tyme when Capt. William Carver shall think fitt to give them [?]; he having [?] to take the inventory for to present the estate being very [indebted?]

Lower Norfolk Book E, f. 44.

Know all men by these presents that I Edward Norrington with the consent of my wife Lydia have alienated bargained and sould from me my heyres executors admin or assigns one deudent or tract of land where I now live being the land that my aforesd wife had for her thirds of her former husbands land John Manning decd lying and being in a creek commonly called or known by the name of Julians Creek together with all housing orchards farming and all other rights profitts whatsoever be me or my sd wifes now belonging or apertayning the present crop now on the ground excepted which I am to have the produce to ... and carry away att my owne discretion with out trouble hindrance or molestation and I doe further oblige my ... admin or assigns to the sd. John Manning his heirs that I and my aforesaid wife Lydia shall make him or that acknowledged court according to law between this and the last of december next and also make delivery of the premises always provided that I have liberty before or after to fetch and carry away my corn cattle whatsoever else is or may be myne in witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale 1672

Edward T Norrington

Lydia X Norrington

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, p. 136.

Lower Norfolk Court 15 Aug. 1672. Upon the request of Roger Hodges is is ordered that Edward Norrington and his wife be summoned to the next court to give an accompt of the orphans estate of Jno. Manning decd., and also to answer the contempt of Mr Portens warrant and the the sherif take good security of them for theire appearance.

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, f. 83.

Lower Norfolk Court, 15 April 1674. Judgement confessed by Thomas Manning who married the relict of John Watford for the payment of 418 lb of tob and cask to Mr. James Thelaball with cost asl ex being due by a bill from order the sd. Watfords hands.

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book E, f. 107a.

Lower Norfolk Court, 16 April 1674. Whereas in November court last itt was ordered that Edward Norrington father in law to Jno Manning should satisfie and pay unto John [Jacob?] the sd. Mannings master for entertaining the sd. Manning soe much of the act allow for entertayning for runaway servts. wch law the court does now apprehend was not intended for entertayning of the notion of the country (by their parents) who are not of bought servts. because relationship bound and therefore have ordered that the Norrington be acquitted from the part of that orders of November Court but he pay the cost of suite et exc.

Ref: Lower Norfolk Book. E, f. 108a.

Will of Margrett Taylor, d. 5 April 1679, r. 15 Aug. 1679. ... Brothers Roger Hodges, Jno. Manning, and Thomas Manning ... to be my overseers.

Ref: McIntosh, Lower Norfolk ?.., p. 68.