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Lower Norfolk Court, 16 Feb. 1665/6. Upon the petition of Susan White Lttrs of Administration is granted unto her of ye estate of Thomas White her late deceased husband. She putting in security according to Act in that case provided. Bartholomew Ingelbretson & Thomas Smith are security for the above sd. Susan White wid according to Acts:
Upon the petition of Susan White widd it is ordered that Thomas Godby Marmaduke Marrington Thomas Everidge & Nicholas Robinson doe appraise the estate of Thomas White deceased between this & the next court they being first sworn by ye next [?] justice of peace. And they to give an account of their findings herein to the next court to be held for this county.
Ref: Lower Norfolk Book D, f. 435.

May 13, 1674. Came Richard Holland of Dorcester County and proved Right to five hunderd acres of land for transporting himself, Alice his wife, Richard his son, John White, Edward Baker, Jone Thomas, William Seth, Edward Furnerup, William Blake, and Thomas Tucker into this province to inhabit anno 1669
Ref: Maryland Patents Liber 18 , f. 17

Lower Norfolk Court, 18 Jan. 1669/70. Whereas John White was arrested to this court att the suite of Willm. Porten /and he the sd. White nott apearing nor any for him; an order is granted the/ sd Porten agt the sheriff for so much as he can make apeare due from the/ sd White ordered that the sheriff produce the sd. White to the next court.
ref: Lower Norfolk book E, orders, f. 44

Lower Norfolk Court, 18 Jan. 1669/70. An attachment is granted the sheriff agt the estate of John White for satisfaction of an order for 350 lb. tobacco passed the court agt. him att the suite of Wm. Porten att. of Joseph Winslo. ref: Lower Norfolk book E, orders, f. 44a

Lower Norfolk Court, 15 March 1669/70.Whereas order passed the last court agt the sheriff att the suite of William/ Porten att of Joseph Winslo assign of Jeremy Taylor for the non apearance / of Jno: White he being arrested att the sd. Portens suite(and no security taken)/ for the some of three hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco and cask onlie / he the sd Sheriff did produce the sd Whte to this court to ansr: the sd. suite/ in which the sd sheriff he having fayled, therefore the court have orderd that/ the aforesd order be confirmed and that he pay the said sume of 350 Tob./ & cask unto the sd Porten with cost of suite att ex. ref: Lower Norfolk book E, orders, f. 47

Lower Norfolk Court, 15 Aug. 1670. Upon Pett. Of Sarah Whyte an order for a [?] of administration is granted her for her late decd. husbands estate she putting security. ref: Lower Norfolk book E, f. 50a.

Lower Norfolk Court, 4 Nov. 1670.In the action of the case depending between Susan Hix plaintiff and Jno White defendant about a parcell of land it is ordered that the suite be dismissed. It is ordered that Thomas Godby, Tho Everidge, Nicholas Robinson, and Marmaduke Marrington aparaise the estate of Thomas Whyte decd upon Tuesday next, and the inventory of it be brought into the next court. Judgement is confessed by John Whyte to John Prescott for the payment of foure/ hundred eighty and seaven pounds of tob & cask and cost of this and a/ former suite passed [?] the said Prescott for the non apearance of the / said Whyte being arrested att the suite of William Porten attorney of Joseph/ Winslo, als ex. ref: Lower Norfolk book E, orders, f. 55

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Culpepper of the County of Lower Norfolk doe [?] ordayne & appoint my loving wife Eliza Culpepper my true & lawfull attorney to ans. to any action or actions that shall be commenced agt me, and for what she shall doe or cause to be done in and concerning the promises I shall by these presents lett [?] and allow to bee as fine and valued in the law as if I myself same & personnaly present, granting unto my sd. attorney to make or imploy one or more attorneys under her as she shall find fitt as witness my hand & seale the 14th day of December 1670 Witness      Henry IB Culpepper
Bartholome Ingelbritson
John IW White
Ref: Lower Norfolk book E, p. 132

Jno. Chadwell, 650 acs. Lower Norfolk County, E. side of Ridgford Swamp, a br. of Elizabeth River, 25 Nov. 1670. Ref: Nugent, v. 2, p. 89, also Lower Norfolk book E, p. 113

To all xyian people to whome these presents shall come I John Whyte sends greeting & know you that I the sd John Whyte for and in consideration of the some of twenty five hundred pounds of good tobacco & cask for which I have recd. good caution for payment have bargained aliened sould enfeofed and confirmed & by these presents doe bargain alien sell enfeofe and confirm unto Henry Culpepper a parcel of land abt. Two hundred twenty & five acres more or less situate lying and being upon the north side of Little Creek joyning upon the land of Tho: Everidge wch said land was in the possesion of my father Tho: Whyte. To have and to hould the sd land wth all priveleges and immunitys whatsoever unto the sd. Henry Culpepper his heyres or assigns for ever & I the said John Whyte do bind me my heyres executors or adminstrators in the full vallue there of that the sd Culpepper his heyres or assigns shall quietly occupie possess and enjoy the sd land without any lett trouble or hinderance from the the sd Whyte or any one by or from under me and doe hereby warrant the [?] of the sd land unto the sd Culpepper his heyres &assigns for ever and shall for ever defend the same. In witness whereof I have herunto sett my hand &seale this 15th day of April 1671 Signed sealed &delivered in the presence of us John IW Whyte &seale
John Ferebee
Jas. Edwards
Ref: Lower Norfolk book E, p. 90

Know all men of these presents that I John Whyte doe make my Lo: friend Bartho: Inglebretson my true &lawful attorney to pleade all cases whatsover and to pay and receive all monies of duly written this my hand 14 June 1671 Thomas Jones John IW Whyte Jno. JC Chadwell Ref: Lower Norfolk book E, p. 97

I John Chadwell doe assigne all my right interest &title of this patten unto Walter Costen and doe hereby warrant the sale of it to him the sd Walter Costen his heyres or assigns or to whom the sd Costen shall assigne it to, with all rights &priveleges [?] in this patent, and doe hereby bind my self the sd Chadwell my heyres or assigns to same harmless and defend the sd Costen or his heyres or assigns from any clayme or the due eyther to me or them or to any other &soe written this my hand the 15th day of February 1671/2 and seale Signed sealed and delivered in The presence of us John IC Chadwell
George G Valentine
John I Everidge
Lower Norfolk book E, p. 113
Note: It was from this tract of land that John White of the next generation purchased his plantation from Walter Sikes and Walter Curling in 1711 and 1716.

Lower Norfolk Court, 15 Aug. 1672. Upon the pett of Richard Bachelor an attachment is granted him agt the estate of Jno. Chadwell for the some of 230 lb. of tob &cask returnable the next court the sd Chadwell being long out of the county.
Lower Norfolk book E, f. 82a

Lower Norfolk Court, 16 November, 1672. Upon the pett of Jno. Biggs att. of Rich Bachelor an order is granted the sd Bachelor agt the estate of Jno. Chadwell for payment of the some of 230 lb of tob and cask It being already attached in the hands of Walter Costen together with cost als. Ex.
Ref: Lower Norfolk book E, f. 86a

July 29, 1673 Came Bartholomew Ingobritson of Ann Arundell County &proved Rts. to four hundred acres of land for transporting himself, Ann his wife, Hance &Bartholomew his sons, Dorcas, Ann, Dorothy &Sarah his daughters into this province to inhabit.
Ref: Maryland Patents, lib. 17, f. 478.

March 4, 1674 This day came before me Thomas Jones and made oath that he came out of Virginia a freeman in the year of our Lord God 1671 and that since that time he never did prove dispose or make use of any right for fifty acres of land due to him for the same, given under my hand the day and year abovesaid. Tho: Carleton June 1674
Warrant then issued in the name of Thomas Jones of Baltimore County for fifty acres of land due him as aforesaid. Ref: Maryland Patents, lib. 18, f. 28.

December 5, 1676 Inventory of estate of John Chadwell, Baltimore County Appraisers: James Collyer, Thomas Jones
Ref: Maryland Inventories and accounts, liber 4, p. 23

March the 10th 1695
An Inventory of the goods & chattles of Jno. White late decd of Calvert County Carpender taken & appraised by us Evan Rine &Thomas Dickinson Appraisors
To one cow and yearling to one mare and yearling coult 03-00-00
To one soie and seven small shoats, to one old bed and furniture 02-03-00
To his wearing apparell, to one caste hat, 3 rack cloathes 01-04-00
To 1 pr. silver buckells, to one bible and cloath case 00-05-00
To one tyrent axe, one narrow axe and weeding hoe, broad axe &1 frying pan &2 iron potts 00-12-06
To 6 pewter plates, to old tinn panne, to one old sifter 00-03-00
To one doz of old trays, to one plaine 2 chisells &wooden square 00-02-06
To one half inch auger, one pr. of cardes, one half inch gouge, one small box, one old chest 00-05-00
To 2 wooden chaires, one old pail and pigon, one can, one cart, looking glass 00-03-00
To 1/2 a doz. of glass bottles, one small butter pott 00-00-06
To one old bag, one razor and brush, 6 trenchers, 2 pr. of sizars 00-01-02
To one bill of Jeaphrey Mainleis 1200 lb of tobacco a dangerous debt
To 400 lb. tb., to 3 barrell of indian corn
tobacco 1600
Even Rice
Edwd. Dickinson
The account given in by Jno. McDowell who married the widow the admx. of John White decd who is well and truly adminstrator of all singular goods and chattles rights and creditts belonging to the sd. Jno. White of Calvert County decd. this account charges himself with all the singular the goods &chattells of the said decd. in an inventory to the same of money 08-18-10 in tob 1600. And this account humbley takes allowances for the following sums pd for upon acct. of the sd. Decd. as followeth(viz)
Of Tobacco pd. John Manning by bill 1500
Of Tobacco pd. John Jenkins by bill 800
Of Tobacco pd. Mr Parker sheriffs fees 500
Of Tobacco pd. Jno. Pardo 400
Of Tobacco pd. Coll. Beall for leavies 230
To Mr. Biger for letters of administration, for funerall charges
The Comiss. Generall for unknown
Jno. McDowell 3840
ref: Maryland Prerogative Court(Inventories &Accounts), liber 13b, p. 54