My name is Jim White and I grew up in Durham, North Carolina, but now live in Cary, North Carolina. I received my BA at UNC and majored in physics and psychology. I also have a MS from NCSU from the materials engineering department.During the 1990s I worked in telecommunications for Nortel Networks at Research Triangle Park. Since 2006 I have worked at North Carolina State University part-time at the Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center in David Clark Labs developing web mapping application, and now full-time as a programmer with the department of Entomology and Plant Pathology. A page I made while I was working as a contractor is  White Coding and Maps.

I have traveled overseas 3 times. Famous places I have visited are the pyramids, the Louvre, and the Tower of London, and the not so famous Arken Museum in Copenhagen . Things that I enjoy doing are working on the computer, genealogy, jogging, and following the Hurricanes.

I continue to enjoy learning about physics and math. The latest atom smashers at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and under construction at CERN are creating a quark gluon plasma. CERN was also where Tim Berners-Lee created the first web page. He invented the HTTP protocol and HTML, and started the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). An interesting web site concerning the history of physics is the Cavendish Laboratory site.



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